Junior parents discuss plans for Prom


Nikka Vuong

Head junior class sponsor Julie Pfannenstiel talks with parent over prom. This years prom will be at Fort Hays on April 13th.

Junior parents had a prom meeting in the lecture hall on Monday, Jan 28. Head junior class sponsor Julie Pfannenstiel discussed may topics with parents over what needs to be accomplished for prom.

Pfannenstiel went into detail about different committees that parents can sign up for. Each committee has head students and head parents. Some of the committees are decorations for the ball room, planning activities, professional photos, coat check, drinks, etc.

Pfannenstiel encourages students and parents to sign up and get involved. Typically, 30 to 50 parents sign up to help throughout all the committees. Each committee will have separate meetings.

“Each committee sets it up, they meet individually as a group to get their supplies figured out and ordered, as well as planning what they’re doing for their group,” Pfannenstiel said.

Discussions over budget for committees and things not allowed to be used for decorations were covered during this meeting as well.

This year’s prom will be on April 13, and the theme is Arabian nights.

“I think the color choice is new this year so I’m excited to see the new colors,” Pfannenstiel said.