DECA hosts middle school pull tab contest


Courtesy Photo

Senior Isabelle Braun sorts pull tabs that were collected from the middle school contest.

Recently, DECA hosted a pull tab contest for the students at Hays Middle School.

“Students had to bring in pull tabs from their homes so their TA would have the most pull tabs,” senior Kallie Leiker said. “The contest benefits the winning TA because they receive a free McDonald’s breakfast, but it also benefits the Ronald McDonald House Charities because all the pull tabs go directly to helping them.”

They chose to target the middle school because they had already reached out to other age groups.

“We decided to target the  middle school because we wanted to reach another age group,” Leiker said. “We are already reaching high students, elementary students and old age homes.”

Instructor Suzanne Leikam’s TA won the contest and will soon be rewarded with a free McDonald’s breakfast.

While the DECA students did not have a goal for the middle school students, they still thought it was important that they bring in the most pull tabs they could.

“We did not have a goal for the amount of pull tabs we wanted the students to bring in,” Leiker said. “We just wanted them to bring in the most pull tabs they possibly could.”