Cheerleaders work with children at Youth Cheer Camp


Trystan Knapp

Junior Kali Pitcock dances with two young girls at the Youth Cheer Camp on Saturday morning.

The laminate floors squeak with moving sneakers bouncing to upbeat music while the sound of children’s laughter echoes throughout the gym.

On Sept. 7, more than 70 children gathered in gym A to take part in the Youth Cheer Camp with junior varsity and varsity cheerleaders providing mentorship.

“They learn the basics of cheerleading,” head coach Abby Staley-Herman said. “The cheerleaders teach them simple chants, stunts and jumps.”

For exactly 75 registered children who attended the camp, their dreams of becoming a cheerleader are burning brighter than ever.

“The cheer camp is a really important experience for kids,” sophomore Bethany Kuhn said. “We help them get just a little closer to their dreams.”

Junior cheerleader Britney Werth said the camp is really beneficial to the kids because it gives them confidence and helps them make new friends.

Some cheerleaders have even attended the Youth Cheer Camp as children, and it had inspired them to become who they are today.

“This camp is important to me because it’s something I did every year as a little girl,” freshman Maddie Crees said. “The camp was the experience that really inspired me to be a cheerleader. I just want the girls or boys to feel the same way I did and hopefully become cheerleaders in the future.”

Not only was the camp beneficial to the children, it was a positive experience for the cheerleaders as well.

“The camp taught me a lot of leadership skills,” sophomore Rhiannon Silva said. “I also made some new friends.”

Some cheerleaders are thrilled to be able to meet the children who look up to them.

“I think it’s really cool to be able to meet the little girls and boys who usually watch us from the stands,” Kuhn said. “I’m happy to share my love for cheering with kids who might want to cheer in the future.”