13 questions with freshman Caden Riat


Courtesy Photo

Riat Inc. members Weston Hoskins, Caden Riat, and Steve Riat at a presentation for their company.

Anna Brull, Staff Reporter

Freshman Caden Riat started his own company in 2015, now he has made over $3,000.

  1. What is the name of your company?

“My company’s name is Riat Inc.”

  1. When did you start your company?

“In my parent’s garage in August of 2015.”

  1. Are you the only employee in your company?

“No. There are currently four employees.”

  1. Why did you start your company?

“The goal originally was to work for Apple, but we wanted something to hold us over in the meantime. We wanted to make this awesome computer that’s super customizable, but we stopped that.”

  1. What do you do at your company?

“We are now a peer group and we are going to do consulting.”

  1. What is a peer group?

“My group is an advance group full of people just like me who are advance in running a business. We talk about the future and what we want to gain.”

  1. Do you only work with Apple products?

“The company is 100 percent Apple, but if someone wants to use something else, I won’t stop them.”

  1. Does your company take up a lot of your free time?

“Sometimes yes, when people need me a lot. I work when I want to and I make sure my employees are understanding things.”

  1. Are your parents supportive of your business?

“Yes, my dad helped us start up.”

  1. How much money has your company made?

“About $3,000.”

  1. How much do you think your company will grow in the next year?

“With pure groups and consulting on the way, I think it’ll grow massively. Hopefully, we’ll be able to reach people throughout the United States.”

  1. Who are some people you’ve looked up to while starting your own business?

“Arlin Sorensen, my dad, Ken Shetler, Steve Jobs, and Joddey Hicks.”

  1. Are you accepting more employees?

“Not currently.”