Class of 1967 donates money for scholarship fund


Alumni News.

The graduated class of 1967 initiated a scholarship fund last May that will last until 2027. It donated a total of $9,745.23 to be turned into scholarships for graduating seniors.

Class member Sharon Jacobs-Cox said the class got the idea to do this 10 years ago at their 40-year reunion when they saw how successful the people in their class had become.

Out of the approximately 160 classmates, 60 showed up to their 50-year reunion this year.

“Our class is full of successful individuals,” Jacobs-Cox said. “They are all in various career fields.”

90 percent of their class got degrees at universities, technical schools, or went into the military. As a result, the class is abundant with CEOs, business executives, authors, college professors, college administrators, doctors, FBI agents, individuals in the military, teachers and editors.

Jacobs-Cox said they wanted to do something to give back to the community that gave them so much.

Along with the money donation, classmates also donated things such as blankets, a children’s book written by one of the classmates, and other items to be auctioned off.

The money donation will be split up into two $500 scholarships for two seniors of each class. Last year during awards night, the first two of these scholarships were handed out.

This will carry on until 2027 unless the classes approaching their 50-year reunions piggy-back onto this scholarship and donate money as well.

“This all started because of the great foundation our class made at Hays High,” Jacobs-Cox said. “I’m so glad that I got to go to Hays High and build the foundation that brought me to my career that I love so much.”