Students bring outside dates to school dance


Drawing of a date at homecoming by Elizabeth Lee

Every year, students decide whether or not to take students from their school to the Homecoming dance. Many opt out of the in school dates, and bring others from other schools.

“I think its good because it allows your out of town friends to form bonds with people you know here in Hays,” senior Brittany Espinosa said.

Espinosa plans to bring a visitor to every dance this year. Espinosa has brought an outside visitor her freshman and sophomore years.

If outside dates weren’t allowed she would still go even if it wasn’t as interesting, Espinosa said.

“I think they are good because many people have friends and relationships outside of this school,” junior Shyann Shumacher said.

Outside dates under the age of 20 and out of middle school are allowed to attend with a student. Students must sign up in the office and fill out a form about their date before than dance.