Locker use uncommon among students


Junior Katie Vaughn puts her textbook in her locker.

Each year students have the opportunity to get a locker from the office. While some students take advantage of this opportunity, several choose not to get one.

With the many school lockers available, it may come as a surprise that less than a 100 people have requested one from the office.

“I don’t really need one,” sophomore Megan Flavin said. “I can carry everything I need in my backpack and leave what I don’t need in my car.”

Another reason students don’t use lockers is because of time.

“I don’t have one because they don’t really serve a purpose if your classes are spread around the school,” junior Cody Conger said. “You wouldn’t have time between classes to get your things and be on time.”

Some students, however, do use the lockers and make use for them every day.

Junior Kaleigh Ashbaugh said that she uses it to store her textbooks so she doesn’t have to carry every single book around all day. Ashbaugh is in several classes throughout the school that require her to have a textbook and they don’t all fit into her backpack.

“I got it to make my school day easier,” junior Quinn MartensBobbitt said. “I use mine every day to hold my work clothes and my lunch.”