13 Questions with sophomore Megan Flavin


Courtesy photo

Sophomore Megan Flavin dives into the water for her 500 freestyle at State. This was Flavin's first year at State.

Sophomore Megan Flavin was the only girl who qualified for state last year on our Girls swim team and broke the school’s old record in the 500 freestyle with a time of 5:47.69. 

1. What thoughts were going through your head after you broke the record?

“I was just generally happy, I had worked extremely hard to break the record and I was excited that the hard work had paid off.”


2. What is the most challenging part about being on the swim team?

“The most challenging part about being on the team was motivating myself and continuing to work hard even when I was tired.”


3. What is your favorite part about being on swim team?

“My favorite part about being on the team was the family-like relationship we had as a team.”


4. Are you doing swim again this year?

“Yes, I plan to swim all throughout high school if I can.”


5.What is your goal this year?

“My goal this year is to go to state again and possibly break another school record.”


6. When did you realize that you had broken the school record?

“I realized I had broken the school record when I looked up at the time board at the end of my race.”


7. Why do you enjoy swimming?

“I enjoy swimming because it is like an escape for me, it’s something I can work hard at and improve myself on. It’s also the only sport I really excel at.”


8. What is your favorite stroke and why?

“My favorite stroke is freestyle because it is the fastest of all four strokes, and it is the most versatile as I can swim anywhere from 50-1650-yard races.”


9. What is your favorite snack food at swim meets and why?

“My favorite snack at meets is chocolate milk and fruit. They give me energy for races and help me recover.”


10. How do you feel being the only girl last year to qualify for state on the team?

“Being the only girl to qualify was okay, but it would be great if we could build our team so that more of us could qualify. It would be exciting to swim a relay at state.”


11. Who have your favorite swim coaches been and why?

“I’ve loved many of my swim coaches, from when I was little all the way up to high school. They were my favorites because I became very close with them and they helped me become the swimmer I am today. “


12. How long have you been swimming?

“I’ve been swimming on a team for almost seven years, and took swim lessons for a few years before that.”


13. Do you have high hopes for the team this year?

“I don’t know what to expect for the team this year, because I don’t know who the coach is, or if many people will join the team.”