Chamber Singers carol before Winter Break


Sophomore Oscar Flores and senior Kiki Gonzales conduct the Chamber Singers in Room 142, as they prepared for caroling on Dec. 20.

Every year, the Chamber Singers have gone caroling as a tradition, and this year was no different, as they sang around Hays on Tuesday, Dec. 20.

“I don’t know exactly how long it has gone on, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s 20 to 30 years old,” music teacher Alex Underwood said.

To prepare, the Chamber Singers sang the songs together once, then practiced them alone before they went out to sing.

“You have to dress warm, you spend a couple days memorizing a couple of Christmas songs, then you just go out and have fun,” senior Darian Dodd-Spencer said.

The places they normally go to are Hays nursing homes.

“I hope to go to every nursing home that there is in Hays, but I don’t know if time will allow that,” senior Kiki Gonzales said.

When the Chamber Singers went out to carol, they also ate lunch, exchanged gifts and spent time together for the entire school day.

All grades are in Chamber Singers, including sophomore Oscar Flores.

“I have been in Chamber Singers for two years now,” Flores said. “I was the first freshman in Chamber Singers in over a decade.”