Fall musical nominated for Jester awards


Courtesy Photo

Sophomores Brooke Leiker, Aspen Seib, freshmen Addy Brull, Oscar Flores, junior Devlyn Jochum, Spencer Mills-Kumala, and senior Samantha Vesper perform in Jesters nominated fall musical “Urinetown”.

Due to their hard work in the fall, the cast and crew of Hays High’s musical Urinetown received Jester nominations in 10 of 24 categories.

The nominations include:

Overall Production

Outstanding Actor – senior Carson Brooksher

Outstanding Actress – junior Devlyn Jochum

Outstanding Supporting Actor – junior Seth Tripp

Outstanding Supporting Actress – senior Shirley Lee

Outstanding Ensemble

Outstanding Production Number – “We’re Not Sorry”

Outstanding Vocal Direction – Alex Underwood

Outstanding Artistic Guest – Adrian Rifat (Direction)

Outstanding Stage Crew

“I personally didn’t expect a nomination for myself, as I’m tied to a chair and gagged for half of the show,” Jochum said.

However, Jochum said she believes that the other nominations were completely expected.

“Urinetown was one of those shows where everything fell into place with the right people at the right time,” Jochum said. “As a cast member, I knew that every single person was putting a 110 percent effort into the show both on and off stage. Combine an extraordinarily talented and invested cast with a unique show tailored to fit said cast, and you’re bound to get a wonderful product.”