Spring Play informational meeting held during PRIDE Time


The informational meeting for the 2022 Hays High Spring Play occurred in the Lecture Hall on Monday, Nov. 29 during PRIDE Time. There, it was announced by director Bill Gasper that the play would be “The Curious Savage” by John Patrick.

Attendees were given information about the play, character descriptions, monologues to rehearse and a tentative schedule. They were also provided with a link to a production of the play on YouTube to learn more about the play and characters.

“The Curious Savage” is about an elderly widowed woman, Mrs. Savage, who was left $10 million at her husband’s death. Despite the objections of her stepchildren, she decided to use the money to grant people’s “foolish dreams,” wants that are not a necessity but will still make people happy. To stop Mrs. Savage and get the money themselves, her stepchildren admit her to a sanatorium, called The Cloisters, where Mrs. Savage finds a new family among the residents.

“I think that the play is a great choice,” junior Devlyn Jochum said. “Each of the characters are very distinct, and the plot is both memorable and easy to follow. Most importantly, the play is very endearing and something that a person of any background can enjoy.”

The participation agreement was due at the end of school Wednesday, Dec. 1, and auditions will be held on Wednesday, Dec. 8 and Thursday, Dec. 9. The production will take place in mid-March.