Environment Club holds meeting in Multi-Purpose Room


Alexandra Coveney

Spirit club members listen to officers conduct meeting on Sept. 29 in the MPR.

Environmental Club held its second meeting of the year Wednesday, Sept. 29 during PRIDE Time in the Multi-Purpose Room.

Officers Hannah Eikenberry, Nia Kaiser, Rilee Schwarz and Emma Tschanz reviewed the club scavenger hunt and trash pickup, and winners were given Snowball coupons.

The annual scavenger hunt was held Monday, Sept. 5 at Frontier Park for club members to get to know each other.

The following Wednesday, on Sept. 8, Environmental Club members competed in a trash pick-up contest.

“As us club officers have discussed we want to do our annual trip to Cheyenne Bottoms this year,” officer Nia Kaiser said. “With the numbers we have for the club we may have to take two groups.”

Currently, there are about 60 students in Environmental Club.

“We also are wanting to do some more trash pick-up days, that was very productive,” Kaiser said. “As the year goes on we will have some more smaller things like chalk days.”

The club hopes to take a trip to the Omaha Zoo this spring.

“I joined Environmental Club because it looked like a great way to give back to the earth,” junior Rylie Fairbank said.

Environmental Club had its first meeting of the year in the MPR on Aug. 27, in which club sponsor Dan Dickerson introduced the club and its plans for the upcoming year.

Officers then went over who was elected as class representative and a possible fundraiser idea.

Freshman Alivia Sellens, sophomore Lily Garrison, junior Elle Dreiling and senior Lauren Miller were voted as class representatives.

Club members then voted on shirt designs and officers presented selling environmental stickers to fundraise garden gloves, trash bags and recycling bins.

“I enjoy Environmental Club because while we help clean up our community and do our part, we also have fun,” Fairbank said.