Student Council announces 2021 Homecoming candidates


Jersey Johnson

Seniors Landri Dotts, Jordan Dale, Kamree Leiker, Aiden DeBey, Madelyn Martin, Jaren Kanak, Sydney Wittkorn, Tyler Solida, Samantha Vesper, and Ryan Schuckman

On Monday, Sept. 20, the 2021 Homecoming candidates were announced during PRIDE Time.

Seniors had voted for potential candidates the week before. Voting opened up on Thursday, Sept 16 and closed on Friday, Sept. 17 during Pride Time.

The king candidates are seniors Jordan Dale, Aidan DeBey, Jaren Kanak, Ryan Schuckman and Tyler Solida. Queen candidates are seniors Landri Dotts, Kamree Leiker, Madelyn Martin, Samantha Vesper and Sydney Wittkorn.

The final voting for Homecoming queen and king will take place on Oct. 14. The winners will be crowned at the Homecoming football game on Oct. 15.

“Being voted a candidate is honestly crazy,” Wittkorn said. “I am so appreciative of everybody and was honestly shocked to hear I was nominated. I am just so excited because I have really looked up to the candidates in the past years who are just nice and likeable people. It really pushed me to want to be more like them.”