Cast of Fall Musical announced

The cast of the fall musical, Urinetown, rehearses in the Hays High Choir room on Sept. 14.

Emry Lundy

The cast of the fall musical, Urinetown, rehearses in the Hays High Choir room on Sept. 14.

The 12th Street Auditorium will soon be bustling with life once again. Hays High’s Fall Musical, “Urinetown,” will be starting rehearsals Monday, Aug. 13. Auditions took place Wednesday, Sept. 8 through Friday, Sept. 10, resulting in the newest Musical cast, which is as follows:

Bobby Strong – senior Carson Brooksher

Hope Cladwell – junior Devlyn Jochum

Penelope Pennywise – senior Shirley Lee

Caldwell B. Cladwell – junior Seth Tripp

Officer Lockstock – junior Calliope Green

Little Sally – freshman Addy Brull

Officer Barrel – sophomore Nate Henderson

Old Man Strong – junior Anthony Arial

Josephine Strong – senior Sydney Wittkorn

Soupy Sue – junior Spenser Mills-Kumala

Tiny Tom – senior Matthew Bollig

Hot Blades Harry – sophomore Aspen Seib

Billy Boy Bill – freshman Oscar Flores

Bobbie the Stockfish – senior Samantha Vesper

Little Becky Two Shoes – sophomore Brooke Leiker

Senator Fipp – junior Ansen Miner

Mr. McQueen – freshman Caleb King

Dr. Billeaux – senior Colton Dodd-Spencer

Mrs. Millennium – junior Savanna Lawson

Understudies are as follows:

Bobby Strong – Flores

Hope Cladwell – sophomore Sam Albin

Penelope Pennywise – Vesper

Little Sally – Brooke Leiker

Caldwell B. Cladwell – junior Quinton McGuire

Officer Lockstock – Arial

Little Becky Two Shoes – junior Keiarra Gonzales

Bobbie the Stockfish – senior Macy Meyers

Old Man Strong – senior Tea Hartman

Billy Boy Bill – freshman Sophia Miller

Chorus members include seniors Hartman and Meyers, juniors Jessica Leiker and McGuire, sophomores Albin and Avrianna Burk and freshmen Jordan Aschenbrenner, Aliyah Conner, Keira Gray, Sophie Miller and Katelyn Willemsen.

Read-throughs and rehearsals will begin Monday, Sept. 13 with music instructor Alex Underwood and choreographer and director Adrian Rifat of New York.