Hays High Talent Show to be viewed on Jan. 29


Alexandra Coveney

Talent show performers and StuCo members prepare for taping on Jan. 26 in the lecture hall.

Despite many changes, the Hays High Talent Show will be viewed online on Friday, Jan. 29, during PRIDE Time.
Talent Show tryouts were Dec. 7 and 11, and Talent Show rehearsals were Jan. 19 and 21.
The Talent Show will be taped on Jan. 26 and 27 with a small studio audience, consisting of students who got a ticket through Google forms.
After the Talent Show has been viewed on Jan. 29, voting will open to everyone, and winners will be announced over the intercom.
“The biggest challenge of the Talent Show this year was deciding how to do it while following COVID-19 precautions,” Student Council sponsor Alicia Brungardt said. “We decided having it online with a small studio audience was the safest way to have it.”
The following Hays High students will be performing in the 2021 Talent Show:
Junior Elizabeth Dickman
Junior Ethan Gregory
Junior Shirley Lee
Sophomore Devlyn Jochum
Sophomore Carter Muehleisen
Freshman Evyn Cox
Freshmen Gauge Horlick and Brendan Stults