Political Science Club to have its first meeting

On Tuesday, Nov. 24, Political Science Club will be having their first meeting in the Multi-Purpose Room.

This meeting will welcome any students wanting to join, as well as to organize and introduce the club.

“The first meeting will help us assess interest in terms of numbers of students and also what they want from the club,” sponsor Abby Gillan said. “Hopefully, we can create a good foundation for the club for the years ahead.” 

Gillan said she thinks students will come to the club with different goals and interests and she hopes that the club provides students with a place to pursue their interests in politics, activism and/or understanding of how the government works. 

Junior Shelby Alexander came up with the idea of the club.

“[Alexander] took the initiative to not only come up with the idea, but to take action in creating a written proposal for the plan, seeking out potential teacher sponsors and approaching administration with the idea,” Gillan said.

Gillan said she does not believe the club will necessarily have a high number of participants the first year.

“No one is immune to the actions and work of our government; nearly all aspects of our life are influenced by some level of governance,” Gillan said. “Understanding how government works and why political actors from elected officials to everyday citizens behave and believe in the ways they do are important starting points for individuals to make the changes they desire.”