Leadership Team holds informational meeting with freshmen


Brenna Schwien

Alexandra Coveney teaches Mr. Balman’s academy everything they need to know as freshmen on Sep. 16.

Leadership Team had two meetings – one on Sept. 15 and one on Sept. 16. On Sept. 15, the Leadership Team members discussed topics to talk about with the freshmen, and on Sept. 16, they met with the freshmen.

“In the meeting on Tuesday, with just leaders, we picked freshmen from the Academies that we’re in charge of,” junior Jocelyn Rigler said. “We then went over what information we need to discuss with those freshmen in our groups.”

During the activity, the Leadership Team members discussed common things that the freshmen needed to know for their first year at Hays High, such as attendance, credits, grades, GPA, activities, events and more.

Rigler said that the older students on Leadership Team were able to give good advice to the new freshmen since the team members have experience with all of these issues.

“The information that I gained from these meetings [as a freshmen] helped me understand how important my GPA and grades were starting right away,” Rigler said. “It also helped me know what classes I should take to get all my credits.”