Homecoming preparations take coordination with teachers, students


Jacob Maska

Seniors Brittani Park and Peyton Thorell are crowned as the homecoming king and queen.

Homecoming week comes with a lot of preparation whether it be for the dress-up days, assembly, bonfire, parade, football game or the dance.

Student Council (StuCo) is in charge of Homecoming week and they break off into separate committees, each in charge of different tasks.

“We allow the committees to make decisions about the games, the spirit da

ys, the dance decorations and the formal assembly,” student council sponsor Alicia Brungardt said.

For StuCo vice president Shyann Schumacher, one of the main goals was to make sure everyone had a great time.

“It is easy to get people involved when you show them how much fun it can be,” Schumacher said.

This was Brungardt’s third year planning a Homecoming. She said it has gotten easier an

d easier every year.

“I have a really good team this year and honestly they took responsibility for all the items on our agenda and did everything so well that it was actually much less stressful this year than it’s ever been,” Brungardt said.

The executive StuCo officers all decided they wanted this years Homecoming to be the best one yet.

“At the beginning of the planning process the executive team and I all decided we wanted this to be the best Homecoming we have experienced,” Schumacher said. “We set a goal for ourselves and we did what it took to meet that goal.”

Planning not only involved students but it took coordinatio

n with teachers too.

“Even though we have students who make decisions and contribute to developing the decorations and plans for the games we still need adults to help with facilitating the parade,” Brungardt said. “Mr. Balman also helps make sure the video of the candidates gets done, music is playing during the games and things like that.”

The parade had over 70 different entries and the StuCo executive officers were the last car in the parade.

“It was really neat driving down the street and seeing how many community members come out for our parade,” Brungardt said.

Another major part of Homecoming week was the games assembly where the different grades got to compete against each other and the candidate played games against each other too.

“It’s so fun for me to see the whole school in one place all having a good time and getting excited about their school and what goes on in it,” Schumacher said.

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