Mr. Goodchuck tells about experiences


Gary Goodchuck (Mr. G) is often seen walking down the hallways with a bright smile on his face.

Though many know about his infamous dedication and love for his work, but only a select few know about his rich history and influential educational career.

“I was in the Army before I started teaching,” Mr. G said. “They stationed me in Fort Bragg, N.C. in 1958 and I worked in personnel and finance.”

Mr. G started his teaching career in 1961 in Wauneta, Neb., and taught social studies there for 37 years.

“I had classes such as world history and federal government,” he said. “I enjoyed teaching those classes very much, but I absolutely loved teaching law.”

He coached students to become witnesses and lawyers to participate in mock trials and complete with other schools.

“It was such a fun thing to do with the students,” Mr. G said. “We got to experience the judicial system for ourselves.”

Not only was Mr. G a teacher, he was also a student council sponsor and honor’s society adviser for 30 years. He also directed more than 14 junior and senior plays.

Mr. G said he adores musicals and plays, and really enjoys watching the Hays High Musicals and Spring Play every year.

In 1998, Mr. G came to HHS to work in the office and the nurse’s office. He worked as a volunteer for three years before being offered a job to work there full time.

“The people here are just wonderful,” Mr. G said. “The people are what I love most about this school.”

Every day, Mr. G organizes students’ schedules for the councilors and answers phone calls. He also writes and delivers house slips for students who need to be dismissed.

Until a few years ago, Mr. G hosted annual Washington D.C. trips for the seniors.

“I fell in love with Washington D.C.,” Mr. G said. “I love the cosmopolitan atmosphere, the fine arts, museums, plays and government.”

Year after year, Mr. G took the seniors to Washington D.C., hoping to let them experience something unforgettable.

“They still talk about the trip years and years later,” Mr. G said. “They came to love it just like I did.”

Throughout the years, Mr. G has dedicated his life to pursuing and supporting education.

“I do what I do because I want to inspire young minds,” he said. “Their futures are so important, and I want to prepare them for it.”

Not only is he inspiring the students and faculty he meets, Mr. G enjoys learning from them too.

“I have the privilege of meeting so many wonderful young people with such wonderful ideas,” Mr. G said. “They really are the hope of the future.”

Mr. G inspires others because an important person in his life inspired him as a teenager.

“I had a wonderful world history teacher,” Mr. G said. “He took the time to talk to you, instead of just read out of a textbook.”

Mr. G believes kindness and inspiration can spread among people.

“He inspired me because he really cared about us and connected with us,” Mr. G said. “That was what made me want to inspire others as well.”