Local restaurant hosts fundraiser for sick youth


Freddy’s Frozen Custard held a three-hour fundraiser for the Chloe Medina family on Tuesday, Oct. 22.

Two-year-old Chloe is fighting Leukemia and 15 percent of all orders that were purchased between 5 and 8 pm that day will go to the family to help pay for their traveling expenses to and from doctor appointments.

“We raised approximately $750 during the three hour fund drive,” Leadership Team advisor Jeanie Michaelis said. “Alex Green, Tanner Pfeifer and I visited with patrons, cleaned up and opened doors during the fundraiser.”

Michaelis does not know how many people attended the event but she said it was steady the entire three hours and the drive-through continuously had cars coming through.

“I think the event was a good experience,” senior Alexander Green said. “It meant a lot to the Medina family, and it’s a good feeling to know that people will put in their time and effort into an event that is happening for a good cause. This really shows that our community can help people in need.”

Other students agree with Green as well and lauded the significance of the fundraiser.

“I think it was great thing to do,” aophomore Lacey Elkins said. “It was really thoughtful that the schools arranged this to help the Medina family.”