Hays High competes in Abilene track meet

Hays High competed at the Abilene track meet on April 22.

Hays boys placed second in the meet, and the girls placed first.

Men’s 110-meter hurdles – Chris Isbell (3rd), Daunte Younker (4th)

Men’s 300-meter hurdles – Chris Isbell (6th)

Men’s 200 meter (about 656.17 ft) – Chason Vanderwege (5th)

Men’s 400-meter – Taevian Maupin-Dabney (5th)

Men’s 4 x 100-meter relay – Hays (5th)

Men’s 4 x 100 throwers relay – Hays (1st)

Men’s 4 x 400-meter relay – Hays (4th)

Men’s discus – Grayson Walburn (2nd)

Men’s javelin – Nate Brooks (4th), Wyatt Waddell (7th)

Men’s pole vault – Harley Zimmerman (3rd)

Men’s shot put – Brandon Yauch (3rd), Jack Zeller (4th)

Men’s high jump – Jordan Dale (1st)

Men’s long jump – Keamonie Archie (1st), Chason Vanderwege (2nd), Kyreese Groen (3rd)

Men’s triple jump – Keamonie Archie (1st), Kyreese Groen (2nd)

Women’s 100-meter hurdles – Brooklyn Lewallen (5th)

Women’s 300-meter hurdles – Brooklyn Lewallen (5th)

Women’s 200-meter – Lilian McGrath (4th), Amelia Jaeger (6th)

Women’s 400-meter – Amelia Jaeger (1st)

Women’s 800-meter – Brenlynn Albers (2nd), Avery Winter (8th)

Women’s 1600-meter – Brenlynn Albers (6th)

Women’s 4 x 100-meter relay – Hays (3rd)

Women’s 4 x 100 thrower relay – Hays (1st)

Women’s 4 x 400-meter relay – Hays (5th)

Women’s 4 x 800-meter relay – Hays (5th)

Women’s high jump – Katie Linenberger (1st), Lilian McGrath (2nd)

Women’s long jump – Lilian McGrath (2nd)

Women’s triple jump – Caira Augustine (5th)

Women’s discus – Kaylee Hammerschmidt (2nd), Maggie Lindenmeyer (5th), Halle Lohmeyer (6th)

Women’s javelin – McKinley Wamser (2nd), Maggie Lindenmeyer (5th)

Women’s shot put – Halle Lohmeyer (2nd), Maggie Lindenmeyer (3rd)