COVID-19 cancels plans for summer athletic events

With the uncertainty of when local business and other places will reopen due to COVID-19, summer plans are also up in the air. For athletes and students alike, this could be a major setback.

For sophomore Gavin Meyers, who was looking forward to attending camps and college visits, he is upset that COVID-19 changed the circumstances for his recruiting process.

“I was pretty devastated because I was just starting my recruiting process, and this summer would have been a great way to get my name out there,” Meyers said.

Meyers said he thinks that seniors will most likely be affected by these events getting postponed or cancelled because they might have needed these camps for colleges.

However, these changes will also affect younger athletes.

“I had a whole softball season planned,” sophomore Grace McCord said. “The fact that I won’t be able to play most of the season really frustrated me at first, but now I’m taking it as an opportunity to work on individual skills.”

With her high school softball season also being cancelled, McCord has not played in a softball game since October 2019, and the summer season has a floating start date.

“I also had a lot of leadership camps planned, and so far, three of them have been cancelled,” McCord said. “I have realized that I can take time to reflect and make time for other skill I want to grow.”

With the main aspects of her life being chaotic right now, McCord said she will miss having things to do from day to day.

“I think not having a routine is what some people like about summer,” McCord said. “I will definitely miss having activities to keep me busy all the time, but it probably doesn’t bother some people”