Boys swim takes ninth at Topeka West Swim Invitational


McKena McBride

A Hays swimmer on his final lap in his event.

The boys swim team attended the Topeka West Swim Invitational on Jan. 14 at Capitol Federal Natatorium.

Hays placed ninth out of 13 teams. The results are as follows:

200 Medley Relay – Adam King, Isaac Smith, Zachary Smith and Matt Goodale (1:57.78) for eighth; Marshall Perryman, Chris Goodale, Grayson Walburn and Skylar Zimmerman (2:09.76) for 16th

200 Freestyle – Carson Ackerman (2:36.07) for 24th, Seth Sumaya (2:50.41) for 25th and Dustin Rajewski (2:50.53) for 26th

200 Individual Medley – Marshall Perryman (2:52.96) for 16th, Fernando Zarate (3:19.68) for 19th and Anthony Arial (DQ)

50 Freestyle – Isaac Smith (23.29) for second, Adam King (27.18) for 24th, Aidan Debey (27.72), Matt Goodale (27.74), Skylar Zimmerman (28.80), Seth Sumaya (30.78), Fernando Zarate (31.65), Andrew Prine (32.70), Liam Buller (34.59), Jude Tippy (34.97) and Ashton Bickel (36.22)

100 Butterfly – Dustin Rajewski (1:34.12) for 23rd, Chris Goodale (DQ) and Liam Buller (DQ)

100 Freestyle – Isaac Smith (54.80) for fifth, Matt Goodale (1:03.45) for 24th and Skylar Zimmerman (1:12.36) for 33rd

500 Freestyle – Carson Ackerman (7:05.71) for 19th and Anthony Arial (7:59.93) for 25th

200 Freestyle Relay – Zachary Smith, Grayson Walburn, Matt Goodale and Isaac Smith (1:44.39) for eighth, Aidan Debey, Chris Goodale, Andrew Prine and Marshall Perryman (DQ)

100 Backstroke – Marshall Perryman (1:13.13) for 13th, Adam King (1:16.32) for 18th and Grayson Walburn (1:24.70) for 23rd

100 Breaststroke – Andrew Prine (1:27.13) for 22nd, Ashton Bickel (1:43.49) for 33rd and Jude Tippy (DQ)

400 Freestyle Relay – Carson Ackerman, Aidan Debey, Dustin Rajewski and Adam King (4:36.34) for 15th; Jude Tippy, Seth Sumaya, Liam Bullet and Ashton Bickel (5:46.66) for 19th