Indian wrestling competes at Colby Invitational placing eighth


MacKenzie Fagan

Senior Cory Hale wrestling at the Bob Kuhn Prairie Classic. The Indian wrestling team's next action will be Jan. 3 at Liberal for the Liberal Dual.

The Indian wrestling team competed at the Colby Invitational and compiled a 4-3 dual mark placing them in eighth. Within the team freshman Gavin Meyers went 7-0 along senior Cole Schroeder 7-0 with seven falls. Senior Kreighton Meyers and freshman Gavin Nutting both went 6-1.The teams present were Hutchinson, Monarch, Wray, Phillipsburg, Goodland, Oakley and Dodge City.


Hays 36, Hutchinson 42


106: Aracely Villegas (HUTC) received a bye

113: Grant Karlin (HAYS) received a bye

120: Braxton Edwards (HUTC) over Brayden Hines (HAYS) (Fall 1:37)

126: Corey Hale (HAYS) over Dakota Douglas (HUTC) (Dec 9-6)

132: Austin Meza (HUTC) over Lucas Hecker (HAYS) (MD 11-2)

138: Izaiah Delulle (HUTC) over Hazen Keener (HAYS) (TF 16-0 6:00)

145: Damon Cantu (HUTC) over Kyle Casper (HAYS) (Dec 3-2)

152: Tavion Gray (HUTC) over Landon Summers (HAYS) (Fall 5:35)

160: Kreighton Meyers (HAYS) over Patrick Graebner (HUTC) (Dec 11-4)

170: Levi Allen (HUTC) over Chase Voth (HAYS) (Fall 3:14)

182: Gavin Meyers (HAYS) over Devin Nippen (HUTC) (MD 9-1)]

195: Cole Schroeder (HAYS) over David Waynire (HUTC) (Fall 3:25)

220: Tristan Geddes (HUTC) over Gavin Nutting (HAYS) (Dec 7-2)

285: Jonathan Fan (HUTC) received a bye


Hays 35, Monarch 31


113: Dillon Roman (MONA) over Grant Karlin (HAYS) (Fall 2:46)

120: Ryan Kuykendall (MONA) over Brayden Hines (HAYS) (Fall 0:32)

126: Zach Hacker (MONA) over Corey Hale (HAYS) (MD 15-1)

132: Cole Carlucci (MONA) over Lucas Hecker (HAYS) (Fall 2:43)

138: Max Fredricksmeyer (MONA) over Hazen Keener (HAYS) (Dec 9-4)

145: Kyle Casper (HAYS) over Aidan Quinn (MONA) (Fall 2:25)

152: Landon Summers (HAYS) over Axel Williams (MONA) (Fall 2:21)

160: Kreighton Meyers (HAYS) over (MONA) (For.)

170: Chase Voth (HAYS) received a bye

182: Gavin Meyers (HAYS) over Keegan Feenstra (MONA) (Dec 7-5)

195: Cole Schroeder (HAYS) over Zach Ferrera (MONA) (Fall 3:51)

220: Gavin Nutting (HAYS) over Will Ponder (MONA) (Dec 11-8)

285: Austin Fiala (MONA) received a bye


Hays 28, Wray 31


106: Cole Rockwell (WRAY) received a bye

113: Cade Rockwell (WRAY) over Grant Karlin (HAYS) (Fall 3:26)

120: Brayden Hines (HAYS) over Michael Bouy (WRAY) (MD 10-1)

126: Corey Hale (HAYS) over Jake  Dickson (WRAY) (Fall 1:23)

132: Gale Tracy (WRAY) over Lucas Hecker (HAYS) (Fall 2:40)

138: Derek Saffer (WRAY) over Hazen Keener (HAYS) (Fall 1:43)

145: Tyler Collins (WRAY) over Kyle Casper (HAYS) (MD 11-0)

152: Emmanuel Huerta (WRAY) over Landon Summers (HAYS) (Fall 1:05)

160: Cade Hillman (WRAY) over Kreighton Meyers (HAYS) (Dec 6-2)

170: Carlos Tarin (WRAY) over Chase Voth (HAYS) (Fall 0:48)

182: Gavin Meyers (HAYS) over Ty Hardesty (WRAY) (Fall 2:13)

195: Cole Schroeder (HAYS) over Carson Berghuis (WRAY) (Fall 3:24)

220: Gavin Nutting (HAYS) over Ike Fisher (WRAY) (Fall 2:48)

285: Jeron Lippert (WRAY) received a bye

Hays 45, Phillipsburg 34


106: Alex Minkler (PHIL) over   (HAYS) (For.)

113: Grant  Karlin (HAYS) over Sam Pinkerton (PHIL) (Fall 4:30)

120: Aaron Lenker (PHIL) over Brayden Hines (HAYS) (MD 13-1)

126: Jacob Sisson (PHIL) over Corey  Hale (HAYS) (Fall 0:48)

132: Austin Niblock (PHIL) over Lucas Hecker (HAYS) (Fall 0:33)

138: Hazen Keener (HAYS) over   (PHIL) (For.)

145: Kyle  Casper (HAYS) over Kevin Russell (PHIL) (Fall 1:23)

152: Chase Russell (PHIL) over Landon Summers (HAYS) (Fall 3:29)

160: Kreighton Meyers (HAYS) over Matt Kirkendall (PHIL) (Dec 4-0)

170: Chase Voth (HAYS) over Jeremiah Minkler (PHIL) (Fall 4:12)

182: Gavin Meyers (HAYS) over   (PHIL) (For.)

195: Cole Schroeder (HAYS) over Treylan Gross (PHIL) (Fall 1:10)

220: Gavin Nutting (HAYS) over Brock Buresh (PHIL) (Fall 3:20)

285: Rylan Hays (PHIL) over   (HAYS) (For.)

Hays 61, Goodland 3


113: DJ Knox (GOOD) over Grant  Karlin (HAYS) (Dec 6-1)

120: Brayden Hines (HAYS) over   (GOOD) (For.)

126: Corey  Hale (HAYS) over   (GOOD) (For.)

132: Lucas Hecker (HAYS) over Derek  Brown (GOOD) (Dec 5-1)

138: Hazen Keener (HAYS) over Caleb  Duell (GOOD) (Fall 1:02)

145: Kyle  Casper (HAYS) over   (GOOD) (For.)

152: Landon Summers (HAYS) over Gantzen Miller  (GOOD) (MD 8-0)

160: Kreighton Meyers (HAYS) over   (GOOD) (For.)

170: Chase Voth (HAYS) over Mason Murray  (GOOD) (Fall 2:15)

182: Gavin Meyers (HAYS) over Blayn Waters (GOOD) (Fall 1:50)

195: Cole Schroeder (HAYS) over Dawson  Holub (GOOD) (Fall 3:31)

220: Gavin Nutting (HAYS) over Keifer  Smith (GOOD) (Fall 1:31)

Hays 51, Oakley 22


106: Double Forfeit

113: Grant  Karlin (HAYS) over   (OAKL) (For.)

120: Brayden Hines (HAYS) over   (OAKL) (For.)

126: Corey  Hale (HAYS) over   (OAKL) (For.)

132: Eric Cain (OAKL) over Lucas Hecker (HAYS) (MD 13-1)

138: Aidan Stephenson (OAKL) over Hazen Keener (HAYS) (Fall 3:30)

145: Kyle  Casper (HAYS) over Tristan Ryburn (OAKL) (Fall 0:24)

152: Landon Summers (HAYS) over Hunter Scheck (OAKL) (Dec 4-1)

160: Kreighton Meyers (HAYS) over Jonathan Temaat (OAKL) (Fall 1:08)

170: Morgan Rains (OAKL) over Chase Voth (HAYS) (Fall 1:48)

182: Gavin Meyers (HAYS) over Preston Nollette (OAKL) (Fall 2:35)

195: Cole Schroeder (HAYS) over Christian Koch (OAKL) (Fall 2:43)

220: Gavin Nutting (HAYS) over Lane Shirley (OAKL) (Fall 4:22)

285: Darien Dilka (OAKL) over   (HAYS) (For.)

Hays 31, Dodge City 33


106: Double Forfeit

113: Damian Mendez (DOCI) over Grant  Karlin (HAYS) (Fall 4:34)

120: Couy Weil (DOCI) over Brayden Hines (HAYS) (Fall 0:38)

126: Danny Rojas (DOCI) over Corey  Hale (HAYS) (MD 14-2)

132: Ruby Hernandez (DOCI) over Lucas Hecker (HAYS) (Fall 0:51)

138: Garrett Edwards (DOCI) over Hazen Keener (HAYS) (Fall 3:55)

145: Kyle  Casper (HAYS) over Marcelino Otero (DOCI) (Fall 5:18)

152: RUBEN RAYAS (DOCI) over Landon Summers (HAYS) (Fall 5:14)

160: Kreighton Meyers (HAYS) over Josh Bertholf (DOCI) (MD 9-0)

170: Chase Voth (HAYS) over Jashon Taylor (DOCI) (Dec 5-2)

182: Gavin Meyers (HAYS) over ryan parga (DOCI) (Fall 1:10)

195: Cole Schroeder (HAYS) over D`Anthony Vontress (DOCI) (Fall 3:33)

220: Gavin Nutting (HAYS) over Isaac Stevens (DOCI) (Fall 1:59)

285: Double Forfeit (DOCI Flagrant misconduct (biting) -1.0)