Indian wrestling place third in Campus Invitational


Hannah Harman

Senior Kreighton Meyers competing at Bob Kuhn. The wrestling team's next action will be Dec. 7-8 for the Colby Tournament.

The Indian wrestling team started off their season at Campus High for an Invitational on Dec. 1. The team took third place under Campus and Junction City and placed over Mulvane and Wichita West.

The whole team placed except one who was injury defaulted in the invitational. Senior Kyle Casper took first while seniors Corey Hale, Kreighton Meyers and Logan Schulte all placed second and seniors Chase Voth and Cole Schroeder place third. Juniors Jordan Zimmerman and Landon Summers each placed second along with freshmen, Gavin Meyers. While freshmen Gannon Winters, Brayden Hines, and Gavin Nutting all placed third.

Hays 55, Mulvane 19

Individual: 106: Jordan Zimmerman (HAYS) over Hunter Dietrich (MULV) (Fall 1:06) 113: Kale Moses (MULV) over Gannon Winter (HAYS) (MD 9-1) 120: Chadwick Stahl (MULV) over Brayden Hines (HAYS) (Fall 1:16) 126: Corey  Hale (HAYS) over Seth Dillon (MULV) (Fall 3:01) 132: Trent Moses (MULV) over Creighton Newell (HAYS) (Inj. [time]) 138: Hazen Keener (HAYS) over Gaige Russell (MULV) (Fall 3:28) 145: Kyle  Casper (HAYS) over Koen Schanz (MULV) (Fall 0:45) 152: Landon Summers (HAYS) over James Reames (MULV) (Fall 3:19) 160: Kreighton Meyers (HAYS) over Kai Griffin (MULV) (Fall 3:20) 170: Chase Voth (HAYS) over Zane Schlick (MULV) (MD 11-1) 182: Gavin Meyers (HAYS) over Ethan McElravy (MULV) (Fall 1:06) 195: Cole Schroeder (HAYS) over Jaxen Young (MULV) (Dec 11-6) 220: Gavin Nutting (HAYS) over Bryson Williams (MULV) (Fall 0:57) 285: Kyle Smith (MULV) over Logan Schulte (HAYS) (Dec 6-5)


Hays 34, Wichita-Haysville Campus 45

Individual: 106: Dylan Sheler (WHC) over Jordan Zimmerman (HAYS) (Dec 7-3) 113: Kale McCracken (WHC) over Gannon Winter (HAYS) (Fall 0:59) 120: Brayden Hines (HAYS) over Bricetin Wedel (WHC) (MD 10-2) 126: Corey  Hale (HAYS) over Ellissio Martinez (WHC) (Fall 3:09) 132: Derek Sheler (WHC) over Creighton Newell (HAYS) (Fall 3:06) 138: Nathan Bowen (WHC) over Hazen Keener (HAYS) (Fall 1:17) 145: Kyle  Casper (HAYS) over Evan Schimtz (WHC) (Fall 0:24) 152: Zach Dorton (WHC) over Landon Summers (HAYS) (Fall 0:54) 160: Luke Bowen (WHC) over Kreighton Meyers (HAYS) (Fall 5:00) 170: Chase Voth (HAYS) over Saul Walgren (WHC) (Fall 1:51) 182: Gavin Meyers (HAYS) over Dustin Diaz (WHC) (Fall 1:29) 195: Brycen Schroeder (WHC) over   (HAYS) (For.) 220: Garin Williams (WHC) over Gavin Nutting (HAYS) (Fall 5:22) 285: Logan Schulte (HAYS) over Jacob Beehler (WHC) (Fall 5:32)


Hays 63, Wichita West 9

Individual: 106: Jordan Zimmerman (HAYS) over Germany Washington (WIWE) (Fall 2:17) 113: Gannon Winter (HAYS) received a bye 120: Brayden Hines (HAYS) received a bye 126: Corey  Hale (HAYS) over Dominic Serna (WIWE) (Fall 5:12) 132: Creighton Newell (HAYS) over KyVaunte Adams (WIWE) (SV-1 6-4) 138: Hazen Keener (HAYS) over Alan Marchan (WIWE) (Fall 1:45) 145: Kyle  Casper (HAYS) over Brandon Fiedler (WIWE) (Fall 1:57) 152: Landon Summers (HAYS) over Aman Bhandari (WIWE) (Fall 0:45) 160: Kreighton Meyers (HAYS) received a bye 170: Samuel Rushin (WIWE) over Chase Voth (HAYS) (Fall 3:01) 182: Quentin Saunders (WIWE) over Gavin Meyers (HAYS) (Dec 4-0) 195: Cole Schroeder (HAYS) over Jerome Ragin (WIWE) (Dec 3-1) 220: Gavin Nutting (HAYS) over Mario Perez (WIWE) (Dec 8-6) 285: Logan Schulte (HAYS) over   (WIWE) (For.)


Hays 34, Junction City 36


Individual: 106: Jordan Zimmerman (HAYS) over Hayden Diestelkamp (JUCI) (Fall 0:40) 113: Gannon Winter (HAYS) over Mauro Gonzalez (JUCI) (Dec 4-0) 120: Eidan Cruz (JUCI) over Brayden Hines (HAYS) (Dec 5-3) 126: Zane Thronton  (JUCI) over Corey  Hale (HAYS) (Fall 2:42) 132: Creighton Newell (HAYS) over Anthony  Petrusky (JUCI) (Dec 4-2) 138: Matthew Whitton (JUCI) over Hazen Keener (HAYS) (Fall 1:09) 145: Kyle  Casper (HAYS) over Gavin Lujan (JUCI) (Fall 1:22) 152: CJ Neuman (JUCI) over Landon Summers (HAYS) (Dec 12-6) 160: Kreighton Meyers (HAYS) over James Hancock (JUCI) (MD 14-6) 170: Sadiki Smith (JUCI) over Chase Voth (HAYS) (Fall 4:00) 182: Gavin Meyers (HAYS) over Chris Owens (JUCI) (Fall 1:39) 195: Terrance Adeleye (JUCI) over Cole Schroeder (HAYS) (Fall 3:23) 220: Arturo Chavez (JUCI) over Gavin Nutting (HAYS) (Fall 1:58) 285: Logan Schulte (HAYS) over Jonathan Dennard (JUCI) (Fall 0:59)