OPINION: Schools should make time for the outdoors


On average, Americans are spending less time outside.

A study done at Yale University said that people are spending less time in nature because places where they work, live and attend school generally do not encourage contact with the natural world, because the distractions of modern technology decrease free time and because the competing priorities and activities of life push experiences in nature to the side.

Doctors recommend a total of 120 minutes or two hours outside a week to reap the benefits of nature. Spending enough time outside decreases heart rate, decreases blood pressure, decreases the stress hormone cortisol and improves psychological well-being.

With mental health being a top concern for school age kids and teenagers, allowing students time outside during the school day could have many positive effects.

I think a few ways Hays High School could incorporate this change is to allow students to go outside during or after lunch if the weather permits. Another way would be to allow students to go on walks outside with their friends during their PRIDE Times.