Reporter gives his Super Bowl prediction

With two impressive conference championship wins, the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals will face off for “The Big Game” on Sunday, Feb 13.

The game will be played in SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, so it is a home game for the Rams. Many are anticipating this to be the best Super Bowl in a while, as they are a numerous fan favorites in the game. Joe Burrow, quarterback of the Bengals, has been a very popular name in the past few weeks after having a breakout year with Offensive Rookie of the Year Jamarr Chase. On the other side, many people are excited for Rams’ quarterback Matthew Stafford and wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.’s first opportunity to get a ring since they have spent the vast majority of their careers on below average teams.

The two teams come from very different backgrounds; the Rams have gone “all-in,” trading almost all their future draft picks for players to win now. The Bengals, on the other hand, are mostly a young team with a bright future, and practically no one predicted them to be where they are now.

This will be a very interesting matchup, as the Bengals have a very high-powered offense while the Rams have a top tier defense. On top of that, both the Bengals defense and Rams offense are just above average. Throughout the year, both teams have been bipolar, winning some tough games easily, but losing to teams they would have normally beaten.

While it might seem like a very even matchup, it seems as though the Rams almost have the perfectly built team to beat the Bengals. The Bengals have allowed the third most sacks this season with 55. This is not a great look for them considering the Rams had the third most sacks this season with 50, not to mention they have two future Hall of Fame defensive linemen in Aaron Donald and Von Miller.

The Rams also have a mostly veteran roster, and they were in the Super Bowl in 2018, so the remaining players contain Super Bowl experience. Since this is the first Bengals Super Bowl appearance was in 1988, it’s safe to say that this is a new look for the young team.

Even though these statistics and attributes might lean one to bet on the Rams, you cannot count out Burrow and the Bengals. Even with a young team and poor offensive line, the Bengals didn’t get to where they are now because of luck, they earned it.

I think that the Bengals will take the victory in a back-and-forth game, but not very high-scoring. This team has great character and motivation, and I believe they will get the job done, winning 24-21. I think it is very possible to go the other way, though, and the Rams could potentially win big. It really just depends on the energy of the Bengals from the start.