Personal devices should be allowed throughout the school day


Paige Polifka-Denson

The use of personal devices within schools provides many benefits.

Prior to returning to Hays High, I attended Cypress Woods High School (Cy-Woods), a high school of approximately 4,000 students in Houston Texas.

One major difference between Cy-Woods and Hays High is their personal device policies.

Phones in the classroom have always been seen as an issue because they could potentially be distracting from the students’ academics.

Though this makes sense, one must consider that the restrictions placed on the devices are fueling the issue more than necessary.

Every inch of the school-offered “personal devices” is overseen and directed by administration.

The little control or ability to personalize the school devices supported by the fact that they simply function at slow speeds is more than enough to impair a student’s ability to work while in class.

Phones, on the other hand, are not allowed in the class room because they would cause distraction, but during my time at Cy-Woods this was not the case.

Students are allowed to use their phones at all times of the school day unless they are told otherwise by a teacher.

Cy-Woods also permitted the use of personal laptops to conduct work that the school administrated devices were unable to do.

Though Cy-Woods students are given this liberty they still produce an impressive academic standard for their students.

It all comes down to the fact that students who aspire to do well in class will not allow personal devices to bother their learning experience.

Some might argue that rules against personal devices are set to avoid tempting struggling students, but this logic is flawed.

Students who are not going to do well in their classes will find distractions outside of their devices, and often times this involves distracting their peers.

All in all, allowing the use of personal devices in school would just allow students more freedom that in return would cause a happier and more appreciative student body.