YouTuber’s recent upload unforgivable


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The famous YouTuber has apologized profusely for his video, but is still continuing to be attacked on social media.

To continue his vlogs during his time in Tokyo, YouTuber Logan Paul uploaded a video of a suicide victim in Aokigahara, Japan’s ‘suicide forest.’

Paul had the audacity to walk onto hallowed land and make a mockery of a dead body that he found hanging there.

He has received a large amount of backlash because of this cruel video and rightfully so.

If Paul would not have been criticized for his actions, he would not have thought twice about his upload.

In his apology videos, Paul tried to excuse his mistake by stating that he had been trying to raise awareness for mental health.

Paul had mentioned in his video that it would not be monetized and posted information for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in the description.

What the YouTuber does not understand is his ability to influence fans and all the other ways he could have tried to provide help rather than recording a victim in the suicide forest.

Although he deserves to be banned on YouTube, it is common for celebrities to be only slightly reprimanded for their actions, and the public is likely to move on soon.