Flaws define personality

As much as our talents make us who we are, flaws can help us grow in ways our positive attributes can’t.

Faults – we all have them, and I have plenty. I procrastinate, I’m forgetful, and I self-depreciate more than necessary. Though, in a way my every fault within fifteen years makes me the person I am today. Both my talents and my flaws combine to define me as a person.

Unintentionally, we hide our flaws from those around us assuming that our faults make us more vulnerable somehow and people around us would like us less.

On the contrary, when we reveal our flaws and mistakes we will find people who are willing to embrace our faults instead of criticizing them. Yes, today’s society can be very judgmental. But because faults define us, only those who accept our faults take us as we really are.

Everyone has at least one thing they don’t like about themselves, but it’s all about how it is presented. We should have a sense of humor when admitting that our singing makes people cringe or our nose looks like Pinocchio’s. This shows that we accept ourselves for who we are and others should too.

Coming face-to-face with the less perfect part of ourselves can help us grow stronger. We stand up for ourselves when we admit our mistakes, and we realize what we can do to make ourselves better.

Of course, nobody will ever be perfect. We will always have flaws and we can keep trying to improve ourselves. It takes courage to admit your mistakes, and that courage can take you far.

Confronting your faults is just one step closer to the person you want to become.