Chamber Singers holds friendly a cappella competition

On Saturday, May 6, Hays High’s Chamber Singers held their annual a cappella performance at the 12th Street Auditorium. The group split up into four smaller groups to have a fun competition between friends.

Each group chose three songs to perform for the show. The show was a cappella, which means that they could not use any instruments or prerecorded music; they had to make all sounds, noises and beats with their mouths. This task is a very challenging one, and one that students handled very well.

The teams spent about a month, planning their performances and practicing and rehearsing in school and out of school. Students had creative liberty with this show because it was student led.

“The most difficult part of the show was combining the choreography with the music and trying to match them up well enough,” junior Nate Henderson said. “Another hard part was finding time to rehearse because we are all very busy, and we had to do a lot of the practices outside of school.”

Each team had about six people in it, and each group had very different performances, which three judges critiqued at the end of the show. Each group was given a different title based on how they performed.

Between each group’s performance, music teacher Alex Underwood came on stage to recognize his seniors, most of whom he has taught since they were eighth graders and joined choir.