World Language Club meets to dig deep into diverse languages


Kaylee Sustaita

Senior Rylie Fairbank talks to the World Language Club members during a meeting this school year.

Normally every Thursday during PRIDE Time, the World Language Club meets in Room 114.

The World Language Club is an organization formed to introduce new languages to students here at Hays High School.

The club was formed by students, including Senior Rylie Fairbank, junior Shanti Holms, and junior Everett McClure, and is sponsored by teacher Codi Fenwick.

“I founded this club so students here at Hays High had more of an opportunity to learn more languages other than German and Spanish that we offer as classes,” Fairbank said. “I want my classmates to learn their desired languages.”

To learn languages, the students use apps, such as Duolingo or Mango Language. Those students participating seem to have made substantial progress using the apps to learn.

“Learning new languages could be fun, and it could help you so much in the future,” Fenwick said. “Being fluent in German has helped me in large amounts, not only in teaching either.”

Once students can function in using the language, they can opt to become pen pals with someone in a different country.

“Many languages are offered here: German, French, Japanese, Korean and more,” Fenwick said.

If students are in this club, they are also invited to see guest speakers at the Hays Public Library that relate to diverse cultures and languages. On Jan. 21, there was a guest speaker at the library, who offered mini lessons and snacks if you were to attend.

“All students are welcome to go to these events, and it is encouraged to go if you are in this club,” Fenwick said.

Currently, six of the 15 spots are filled in the club, so the club is looking for more students to join.

“Learning more languages can help you with a job in the future,” Fenwick said. “If you just learn Spanish, you can already talk to 80 percent of the world.”