Library secretary leaves Hays High for new position

Hays High School library secretary and Chess Club sponsor Erin Holder worked her last day at the school on Feb. 22.

“I got offered a job at the under the Lions Special Ed Coop [Cooperative], but I’ll be working in Sterling High School as a sign language interpreter,” Holder said.

Holder said she valued her time at Hays High, regarding the students and staff members as family.

“The thing about Hays High that I will miss the most is the faculty and the kids,” Holder said. “It’s just that, after five years, it’s really become a family, and it’s really hard to step away. I love my job, and I love the Chess Club and everything that has gotten started here, and I’m so glad that the things that I’ve established are going to continue after I’m gone.”

Many students said they were reluctant to see her leave.

“Ms. Holder has always been a character,” sophomore Brooks Baczkowski said. “I enjoyed having her as my Chess Club sponsor. We all will really miss her.”

Others said they enjoyed her personality and creativity.

“Ms. Holder was always a fun and interesting person,” freshman Addie Brull said. “She decorated the library in cool ways and made connections with students. She was such a help to me and got me a lot of cool ASL [American Sign Language] opportunities I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.”