Origin stories of the most common Valentine’s Day gifts

Valentines spending from 2017-2020 in billions of dollars.

Emry Lundy

Valentine’s spending from 2017-2020 in billions of dollars.

Many wonderfully romantic gifts are associated with Valentine’s Day, but how these gifts gained association with the holiday in the first place is less known.

Boxes of chocolates, for example, were created by Richard Cadbury. He sold them stored in the fancy boxes to increase his sales. The first heart-shaped box came about in 1861.

Also, according to www.proflowers.com, conversation hearts were invented by Oliver Chase, a Boston pharmacist, as something akin to cough drops. However, the fanciful decorations and words now imprinted on them did not come until later.

Another item heavily associated with Valentine’s Day is flowers, especially roses.

TIME Magazine explained that learning the language of flowers in Victorian England was deemed “domestically appropriate” for ladies of the time. The rose represents love, which explains its connection to the holiday of love itself. The beauty of the rose has also contributed to its association.

But, not every gift for Valentine’s Day makes sense – teddy bears among them. Some believe that teddy bears are childish, but others believe that the stuffed animals are sweet and meaningful. The bears can represent comfort or make their recipients think of their significant other.

These are just a few of the most commonly associated gifts for Valentine’s Day, and all have something in common. They make their recipient feel loved and special, feelings we all want to experience. Remember to show those you care about how much they mean to you this February.