COVID-19 calls for adjustments to be made to Indian Call plans


Grace Desbien

The Indian Call candidates took group photos together at Old Fort Hays on Jan 20.

Over the past year, COVID-19 has ruined many activities for high school students – one of those being school dances. With Indian Call approaching, Student Council members and Hays High administrators have been working to find a solution.

Hosting a dance was ruled out early on, so the goal was to find activities that could still be fun for students and provide ways for the Indian Call candidates to be recognized.

“It was difficult trying to accept that we wouldn’t have a dance, but we tried our best to give the candidates the similar recognition that others received,” StuCo Public Relations Officer Emmy Morley said.

One idea they developed was to have a Drag Main event, in which the candidates will stand in store fronts downtown and community members can cruise down Main Street on Friday, Feb. 5.

In addition to that, the school will be doing something similar to the state send-offs for sports teams, in which the student body will gather in the hallways while the candidates parade around the school.

While some students are disappointed that there will not be a dance, others are grateful to even be able to attend school in person.

“I was really disappointed that we couldn’t have a dance or any social gathering, but I’m thankful that we are still in school and actually getting some recognition,” senior queen candidate Hope Kisner said.

The candidate crowning ceremony is still planned to take place during the basketball game halftime on Feb. 5 like usual, but since only a limited amount of spectators are allowed, the game will be live streamed.

Despite the changes made to Indian Call this year, candidates are excited for the events that are planned and hope to make the most of the week.

“The school dances have provided some of my best memories throughout high school, and I’m kind of sad I won’t get to experience that again,” senior queen candidate Hope Schumacher said. “I’m glad we are having the Drag Main event, though. I think that will be really fun, and I hope a lot of people come to it.”