Tribe Art Club hosts first meeting


Antoni Leiker

The first Tribe Art Club meeting was in room 506.

Tribe Art Club had its first meeting this year on Nov. 16 during PRIDE Time in Room 506. The meeting consisted of signing up to join the club, signing up for officer positions and discussing ideas on what to do this year.

The sponsor is new art instructor Grace Splichal, and any students interested in the Art Club who missed the meeting can email Splichal.

During the meeting, senior Cami Moore gave a PowerPoint presentation over activities for the club to possibly do in the future.

Senior Cami Moore gave the members a presentation on what Tribe Art Club could possibly do this year. (Antoni Leiker)

“The goals this year are just to get more things done for the members of the club,” Moore said. “Last year, I felt like it really fell short with a lot of the things it promised to do, and so hopefully this year, we can be a little more productiv,e and the officers will be able to make that happen.”

The next Tribe Art Club meeting date is still to be decided.

“The next meeting, we will be introducing our officers and [discussing] sort of plan for the year,” Moore said.