T-shirt design contest winners share their thoughts


Sydney Wittkorn

The shirt that the juniors had picked to be their class shirts during the 2020-21 school year. The shirt was created by Sydney Wittkorn.

Each year, students from each class take advantage of the opportunity to design a class shirt for Homecoming.

This year, classes selected shirts by freshman Avrianna Burk, sophomore Emma Tschanz, junior Sydney Wittkorn and senior Alexis Pfannenstiel.

“When I found out, I was pretty happy,” Burk said. “The shirt only took around two and a half minutes to design. I just wanted everyone to have some cool shirts.”

For the sophomores, Tschanz’s design had the names of all of the sophomores. Because the print of the names was so small, they are thinking about recreating the back of the shirt with the current Homecoming “Wanted” theme.

“I was honestly surprised,” Tschanz said. “I didn’t think that many people would vote for it. It didn’t take me that long to create the shirt. I just threw random things together and played around with it until I liked what I saw. The longest part was putting everyone’s name on the back.”

The junior shirt represents this year with humor.

“My reaction when I won was just very hype,” Wittkorn said. “I was very excited that a good amount of people in my class will by wearing Travy Patties on their shirt. I can’t take all the credit, though, because the junior class president and vice president Alex Johnson and Tyler Solida helped to even get it submitted. They weren’t going to originally submit it because it would have been to expensive since I had a lot more little colorful pictures on the shirt. But, Alex, Tyler and I all worked together to get it to a more reasonable price since they thought it was a good idea.. The only reason I made the shirt was because I was in class with Grace McCord, who was in charge of selecting shirts to vote from, and she told me that nobody had submitted any designs. I thought since there was no other designs submitted, I could try and come up with something funny to make people laugh.”

For the seniors, Pfannenstiel designed a classic and colorful logo for their shirt.

“I was pretty excited that I won,” Pfannenstiel said. “It’s really nice to see your artwork around the school. I had a really short deadline to create these shirts, as [class sponsor Luke] Lundmark let us know we needed a design on Monday, and the Adobe products were broken in the newspaper room and graphics lab until Tuesday or Wednesday. I’m really glad I have a result that I’m happy with, and I hope my classmates are, too.”