Update: 2020 Spring Play cancels public performances


Caitlin Leiker

This year’s Spring Play, “Murder’s in the Heir,” is being postponed due to USD 489 school closings. Now that school has closed for the rest of the year, director Bill Gasper is unsure of when a live performance can be scheduled. In the event that Spring Play is canceled, all tickets purchased in advance will be refunded.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and USD 489 closings, this year’s Spring Play, “Murder’s in the Heir,” has been canceled.

When school was initially called off for the week prior to Spring Break, director Bill Gasper said all other school activities were suspended, including rehearsals and the actual performance of Spring Play scheduled for March 19-21.

“My initial reaction was to email cast and parents and let them know that it was my intention to call it a postponement rather than a cancellation,” Gasper said. “My thought was to reschedule the play for some time in April if things settled down with the Coronavirus threat.”

However, with the recent announcement that all district facilities are off-limits until May 30 and beyond, Gasper thought that it would be best to close the production completely.

“It’s disappointing that we have to do this after all the work the cast and crew have put in, but I really don’t see any viable options to reschedule,” Gasper said. “Summer and early fall is too hot, and let’s face it, nobody knows what will be happening on the health front at that time.”

Refunds for online ticket sales have already been initiated. As for the tickets sold in advance during lunch periods, Gasper said that people will have to be patient and wait until the school reopens.

For more information, contact Gasper at bgasper56@gmail.com.