Students wrap up 2019 Hays High Musical, ‘Anything Goes’

Jessica McGuire
Jessica McGuire
Jessica McGuire
Jessica McGuire


According to the cast, crew, and supporters of  “Anything Goes,” this year’s performances have been a success. The showings on Nov. 14-17 brought in a crowd of about 1,2oo people, and the program raked in a total of $18,323.78 for next year’s production.

Musical director Alex Underwood said one of his favorite parts of the show has been hearing the positive feedback from the community about the wide range of featured performers.

Junior Gabe McGuire said this year’s production has proved beneficial to him in many ways.

“I got to know people, I created new friendships, and I developed new skills,” McGuire said. “Honestly, I can probably speak for everyone because I know they had a great time with the musical, and so did I.”

The high-energy show kept sophomore Shirley Lee on her toes.

“The environment that we all provide contributes to the way the show goes,” Lee said. “I love performing with my friends. We all have fun doing Musical together.”

Senior Hanna Dannar said that she is proud of the cast for their perserverance.

“We put on a great show every night, and it never failed to be better than the night before,” Dannar said. “I have little to do after school, and I am missing getting to spend time with all the kids I don’t have classes with.”

Junior Ashley Vilaysing said that “Anything Goes” has been her favorite musical to perform so far.

“I’m slightly sad that it’s over, but I’m excited to jump into whatever comes next,” Vilaysing said.