Students participate in local Vine and Dine event

The Vine and Dine event occurred on Sunday, Oct 27.

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The Vine and Dine event occurred on Sunday, Oct 27.

Habitat for Humanity hosted Vine and Dine on Sunday, Oct. 27.

Vine and Dine is an event where a multitude of restaurants donate food to Habitat for Humanity. Tables are set up with one restaurant at each table, and citizens can buy tickets to sample food from each table.

This was the third annual Vine and Dine that has been hosted.

Multiple high school students attended this event. Three of these students were senior Tommy Brooks, and juniors Alisara Arial and Alexis White.

Arial and White both volunteered as Girl Scouts to help with the event.

“I attended the Vine and Dine to gain volunteer hours, and because it was something to do during my uneventful weekend,” Arial said.

White agreed and said she attended because she thought it would be a fun opportunity to volunteer.

“To help out with the event, I, along with Alisara Arial and McKena McBride, set up lights on the dining tables, went to a few restaurants to pick up food, and served the food to the participants,” White said.

White said she thinks the event went very well.

“Since it was my first year volunteering, I didn’t know how many people to expect, but I think that we had a decent number of people participate,” White said.

Brooks was one of the participants in this event. He said he attended the event because his grandmother bought his family tickets.

“It just sounded like good food,” Brooks said.

The Executive Director for the Habitat for Humanity Ellis County Affiliate, Leslie Wyatt, thought the event was a success.

“We have several people come up to us and tell us how much fun they had,” Wyatt said. “We had 60s music this year and that was a big hit.”

Wyatt said there were 13 volunteers that helped with the event. There were 11 restaurants who donated 200 food samples and 10 businesses who donated raffle items and gift cards.

Tickets for adults were $20, and tickets for children were $10.

“We are still counting up the tickets and raffle earnings, but I would estimate we had about 70 adults and 5 children in attendance for the event,” Wyatt said.

Wyatt said she enjoys seeing all the smiling faces and hearing everyone talking about how good the food is.

“My favorite part of the event is seeing all the guests and volunteers dining and interacting with one another,” Wyatt said.