Tribe Art Club discusses upcoming plans at first meeting on Sept. 10


Nikka Vuong

This years t-shirt was designed by art clubs secretary junior Camille Moore.

Tribe Art Club had its first meeting this year on Tuesday, Sept. 10 during PRIDE Time in Room 506. The meeting consisted of signing up to join the club, discussing this year’s T-shirt design and planning future events 

The sponsor is art teacher Jennifer Younger, president is senior Olivia Reed, vice presidents are seniors Delaney Maier and Addison Speier, secretary is junior Camille Moore and treasurer is senior Avery Jones.  

“We are thinking about doing monthly meetings where we release a prompt at the beginning of the month,” Reed said. “Throughout the month, you can make something, and at the end of the month, we can meet up and share/critique what we made.”  

The next Art Club meeting will be announced and will go into detail about the Canvas page, T-shirt forms, winter gallery art walk details and the exhibit at Breathe Coffee House to showcase artwork.   

 “I’m excited to see what projects members of the Art Club come up with,” Speier said. “It won’t just be us in a room thinking ‘oh this would be cool,’ but instead, we will have people participate more and come up with ideas themselves.”