Mike Koerner speaks to students about communications and broadcasting career on first career day


Allison Brooks

Mike Koerner was one of the three people who spoke at the first career day. He spoke to students about his career in communications and broadcasting.

Eagle Communications personality Mike Koerner gave a career presentation to students during PRIDE Time on Sept. 4. He was one of the three people selected to take part in the first career speaker day this school year. 

Koerner is from the Hays area, but his work took him to Las Vegas, Nev., and Albuquerque, New Mexico, before he eventually returned to town. 

Over the years Koerner’s career in communications and broadcasting has taken him down many paths, such as co-hosting a radio show, being an announcer at dog races, voice acting for commercials and teaching at Fort Hays State University for 17 years. 

“With my career, I am involved in so many different things that there is always something new and exciting to work on, and I don’t ever get bored of it,” Koerner said. 

During his presentation, Koerner showed students samples of some of the work he has done from radio snippets to interviews. He had a student volunteer to come up and interview him as if they were on air. 

Koerner spoke about the different paths one can take with a career in this field and all the different places it can take a person. 

“You can do things anywhere in the country with this occupation,” Koerner said. “My dream is to one day live in a motor home and travel the country doing my job.” 

Koerner loves his occupation and all aspects that are a part of a career in communications and broadcasting. 

“The best part of my job is getting to do all the different things from recording to editing and just getting to see the end product,” Koerner said