Hays Arts Council hosts Fall Art Walk


Eythun Wyatt

Former Hays High Student Korbyn Olson displays his work at the Fall Art Walk held Aug. 23 in Downtown Hays.

The Fall Art Walk took place on Aug. 23 in downtown Hays. There are four art walks a year, one for each season. The art walks are used as a way for new and old artists to show off some of their work, whether that be music, photography, or handmade art.

Former Hays High student Korbyn Olson had art featured in the Fall Art Walk. This showcase was his first opportunity to sell his art to the general public. When asked about his role in the art walk he said, “It’s a nice way to be able to get my art into the community.”

The art walk is hosted by the Hays Arts Council. They also host events such as Wild West Fest, Frost Fest, and Oktoberfest.

The Hays art walks are popular among Hays High students. Junior Skylar Zimmerman, who attended the art walk, said, “Yeah sure it was fine, Korbyn was the best.”

Past art walks have mainly showcased handmade art such as sculptures and paintings, but this year’s Fall Art Walk featured mostly photography. There was everything from maternity photos to shots of scenery and farm work.

Junior Fernando Zarate said, “I think it was interesting, it usually has a lot more handmade art and it was nice to see more photography. Photography is art and it’s nice to see how they capture the moment.”