Instructor Melanie Folkerts honors her father’s memory with presentation to World Geography classes


Rebekah Porter

Folkerts holds up the Liberian flag. The flag was based off of the United States, taking the stripes and blue background and using one star to represent the one country.

Instructor Melanie Folkerts gave a presentation about life in Liberia for social studies instructor Luke Lundmark’s World Geography class on Thursday, April 18 in the library.

Folkerts grandparents went to Liberia in 1938 to be missionaries and her father, Larry Flora grew up there from the age of two to 15. After coming back to the United States, Flora devoted much of his time to giving presentations and educating people about life in Liberia.

After Flora died recently, Folkerts wanted to honor him by giving a presentation to Hays High like he had previously planned to do.

Folkerts said the artifacts will be going to her father’s youngest sister, a minster in Colorado, because her family believes she will be the best guardian for the items.

“This is what my dad wanted,” Folkerts said. “I knew they were going to go away soon, so I was going to honor my dad by doing something he had tried really hard to do this year, but health took him down.”