Four state-bound soloists perform at Hays Community Spring Concert on April 15


Junior Nathan Leiker performs "Per la Gloria" by Bonochini at the Hays Community Spring Concert. The Concert was held on April 15 at Felten-Start Theater. Four Hays High soloists performed.

Six students from Johnny Matlock’s Studio 809 performed solos at the Hays Community Spring Concert held at Felten-Start Theater on April 15.

Four of those students were from Hays High. Seniors Rebecca Anderson, Brett Bowls and juniors Nathan Leiker and Sierra Adkins performed.

“The opportunity came from Mr. Crull (the Community Choir director),” Leiker said. “He asked Mr. Matlock if some of his students would sing for his concert and Mr. Matlock asked me.”

Adkins performed “The Trees They Grow So High” by Benjamin Britten.

“I chose this song because it was one of my contest solos that I performed at Barton Community College on April 6,” Adkins said.  “I got a 1 rating on my performance, which means I get to go to state.”

All the soloist that performed are state-bound and this concert gave them another opportunity to perform those solos.

“It really helped us get prepared for state solo contests,” Anderson said.

Since the concert wasn’t a competition, Leiker felt more at ease while performing.

“I think it went really well, maybe even better than when I performed it at regional contest,” Leiker said. “I was a lot more comfortable since there was no one judging me and giving me a score.”