Students participate in FHSU Science Bowl


Courtesy photo

Team Hays one placed second at the FHSU Science Bowl. Hays High brought four teams to the event.

iStudents from science instructor Cheryl Shepherd-Adams’ Advanced Physics class and other students enrolled in science courses such as Human Biology and Chemistry attended FHSU’s Science Bowl on April 4.

Hays High brought four teams of five students to compete:  Hays one, Hays two, Hays three and Hays four. Hays one placed second, falling to TMP.

Shepherd-Adams received an invitation for her physics class and invited sophomores and juniors to participate. The categories included Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry, Biology and Geology.

“We as a team answered questions,” sophomore Alexis White said. “It’s basically Quiz Bowl except with only science categories.”

White said she prepared for the Science Bowl by studying quizlets Shepherd-Adams had sent to the participants.

After the Science Bowl the students walked to the Golden Q and were picked up after eating lunch.

“My favorite part was walking to the Q and Spencer was on Garrett’s shoulders, that was awesome,” White said.