Sophomore wins third at state science fair


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Sophomore Callie Raacke won third place at the state science fair. She did her presentation over Antimicrobial Resistance in two model organisms: Staphylococcus Epidermis and Rhizopus Stolonifer.

Sophomore Callie Raacke won third place overall at the Kansas State Science and Engineering Fair.

Raacke won first in microbiology, won the Journal of Engineering and Investigators award and received a BioGenius award.

Raacke also won $100 and will be working with a mentor on publishing her research she did for her presentation.

“My research was over Antimicrobial Resistance in two model organisms: Staphylococcus Epidermis and Rhizopus Stolonifer,” Raacke said.

Raacke said she started researching for her project very early on.

“Going to state is always a journey,” Raacke said. “You never know if you’ll make it past regionals. Therefore, all of my research started back in September at FHSU.”

Raacke said the time period in which she did research was extremely long.

“I was a nervous, stressed out wreck the week of state because I was still researching the day before we left for state.”

Raacke said that even though she was anxious the day before the presentation, she was very comfortable right before the judging started the day of.

“I feel like when I get to the actual competition a switch flips and I’m ready,” Raacke said. “My absolute favorite part of science fairs is meeting new people. During the three hour judging period, contestants are allowed to talk to people their projects are stationed by. I just love hearing about everyone’s journeys.”

For Raacke, meeting new people and helping people is what it’s all about.

“I just loved this project because I know the research helps others,” Raacke said. “If only two hours a day, two to three times a week can help someone from getting an infection or help them live, then yeah I’ll do my part to help.”