Spring Play cast reflects on show


Courtesy Photo

The "Cheaper by the Dozen" cast rehearses for the play's opening night, March 7.

Alicia Feyerherm

This year’s Spring Play “Cheaper by the Dozen” featured 17 students and performed for 410 audience members over the course of a three day run, 278 adults and 132 students.

Director Bill Gasper said approximately 450 people come see the show every year but he always wants to get above 500.

“We were worried about major incidents, but overall I think the show went really well,” Gasper said. “The crowd was receptive. They seemed to enjoy it and everyone did a really good job individually and as a group.”

Many cast members were worried they would miss a line or a cue or someone else might, messing them up as well.

Sophomore Dustin Knoll said he was worried he might accidentally laugh while on stage or forget a line. He actually did accidentally laugh but was able to cover it because he was supposed to be fake laughing at the time.

“I was worried that I would be so nervous I would either blank or not have enough volume on stage, but everything turned out fine surprisingly,” senior Gabriela Arthur said. “I didn’t mess up once, to my relief.”

When not worrying about lines or cues, the cast hung out together downstairs and backstage.

Sophomore Andrew Duke said his favorite part was hanging out downstairs with other cast members, being excited to perform.

“My favorite part of the performance nights was getting ready before them,” sophomore Ashley Vilaysing said. “We would blast music and people would be screaming and dancing to it in the funniest ways. It was a great way to get hyped up before the show.”