Orchestra tours elementary schools, shows music can take you places


Junior Allison Hillebrand plays the violin.

Hays High Orchestra visited O’Loughlin, Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Wilson Elementary schools on March 8.

The Orchestra performed portions of “Danny Rocks,” “Prelude,” and “Waterloo Station,” and all of ”Libertango.”

Every year for the past 12 years, the Orchestra elementary tour has had a theme. This year’s theme was Music Takes You Places.

“We show how music from other countries sounds, and also how music takes you different places in your mind- it can calm you, excite you, make you sad or happy,” Orchestra instructor Joan Crull said.

Assistant Orchestra instructor Nathan Mark also recognized the fifth grade orchestra students at each school and encouraged younger students to join Orchestra in the fifth grade.

The Orchestra demonstrated their instruments to the elementary school students and members could also give a shoutout to their former teachers.

Crull also listed other activities in Hays High and Orchestra members stood up when their activity was called.

“My favorite part of the tour was watching the kids’ reactions,” sophomore Brendan Kershner said.