Speaker to teach seniors about interview skills


Alexis Pfannenstiel

Interview skills can include holding eye contact, a good handshake and many other things.

NexTech employee Jackie Beckman will be speaking during seminar on Wednesday, Jan. 30 about interviewing skills for seniors.

Beckman spoke to seniors last year and counselor Amy Miller also had Beckman speak at the past school she worked at.

“She is really good about engaging the students and having them greet her and make eye contact,” Miller said.

In the past Beckman has given handouts to students and taught them tips for when they go into interviews.

“She started going around in the crowd and asking questions and then talking about the good and the bad things that each student did,” Miller said.

With scholarship and job interviews coming up for many seniors Miller feels that it is a good idea to prepare them for that at school.

“It’s just one of those things that it’s always nerve-racking when you go into an interview,” Miller said. “The more you do interviews the more comfortable you will feel.”

Miller feels that having interview skills are important because scholarship committees will be looking at who they want to award money to and employers are always looking for the best fit and having a good interview is a way to show them that you are the best fit candidate.

“The resumes and the cover letters will get you in the door to the interview,” Miller said. “But the interview shows your personality through how you answer questions, how articulate you are, and how comfortable you feel, those are some things they are going to be looking at during the interview.”